BlackBerry Messenger 7.0.1 | Download Available!


A new download has been made available to you through BlackBerry Beta Zone! When you have a moment, please follow this link to download BBM and let us know what you think!
What is new?
This build includes several bug fixes designed to improve the performance and stability of the application.
Share your feedback with us! We're listening
Please continue to use the discussion boards to share your experience with us and the other members of this program.
Thank you for your participation in BlackBerry Beta Zone and look out for a short survey coming soon!
Jess & Bob
BlackBerry Beta Zone Team
If you experience any problems accessing the site or completing this download, please email us at


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BlackBerry Messenger 7.0.1 | Download Available! 9 Out Of 10 Based On 10 Ratings. 9 User Reviews.
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